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Report incidents of Discrimination, Harassment, or Gender-Based Misconduct here

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If you are concerned about a student and/or community member, please submit a student of concern report here

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Gender-Based Misconduct and Interim Title IX Policies and Procedures for Students - Student Conduct and Community Standards

Pregnancy and Parenting

Columbia University is committed to supporting the academic and professional success of pregnant and parenting students and employees.

Under the federal law Title IX, universities are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sex, including on the basis of pregnancy and childbirth. The Title IX Coordinator’s office at Columbia works to ensure that Columbia’s programs and classrooms are accessible to all pregnant students. Together with the student, their department and professors, the Title IX Coordinator arranges reasonable accommodations which enable pregnant students to participate fully in academic programs. Reasonable accommodations help students maintain their educational plans while not centrally altering the nature of academic programs or requirements. Commonly, they include shifting assignment and exams dates, absences for medical appointments, in some cases a medical leave of absence or taking an incomplete in a class and making up the work missed at a later date.


  • The Office of Work/Life is a helpful resource with a broad range of information for pregnant and parenting students. Click here to learn about childcare, and schooling, breastfeeding support, and back-up care.

  • The Office of University Life has developed a comprehensive resource page. Please note: these resources are not endorsed by Columbia University. They are presented for informational purposes only and may have eligibility requirements.

  • Columbia University Family Support Network, a registered, student-run, University-wide organization is accessible to all CU students.

Please connect with the Title IX Office to discuss accommodations

Please view a list of pregnancy and parenting resources available at Columbia here