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Turn Your Interest in Science Into an Impactful Career

Students and alumni of the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program benefit from extensive career and professional development resources, including personalized career counseling, exclusive job listings, skill building and training, direct access to practitioners, the Columbia Career Design Lab, and Ivy League-wide career fairs.

Some of the organizations that employ our graduates include:

  • Columbia University

  • Con Edison

  • Ernst & Young

  • Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

  • NuBiyota, LLC

  • Office of the Attorney General

  • Pfizer

  • PwC

  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

The program curriculum prepares graduates for management and leadership positions in which they oversee science and other technical staff. Examples of typical job titles of graduates include: ​

  • ​Chief Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Director, Division of Environmental Science and Assessment

  • Environmental Compliance Specialist

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Manager of Environmental Technologies

  • Supervisor, Environmental Monitoring

School of Professional Studies’ Career Design Lab

M.S. in Sustainability Science students and alumni are supported with individualized career coaching and a wide variety of career resources. The Career Design Lab partners with program faculty, administrators, students, and alumni to provide tailored career services and programming along with self-directed online tools for professional development.

mcginnisheadshot (1)_edited.jpg

Eileen McGinnis

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of CMC Energy Services

Sustainability Career Mentor

If you would like to discuss job exploration or any aspects of your professional development journey, schedule an appointment with Eileen via the SPS Talent page below!

Climate School Professional
Development Opportunities

M.S. in Sustainability Science students and alumni benefit from professional development opportunities at the Columbia Climate School. The program focuses on skill building, access to leading practitioners, career networking, and specialized job search strategies and tools. Initatives include: 

  • Research, Fieldwork, and Internships Opportunities

  • Climate & Sustainability Career Planning

  • Access to Climate and Sustainability Practitioners

  • Climate & Sustainability Alumni Network

  • Associations & Clubs

  • Fellowships & Scholarships

For more information about career support through the Columbia Climate School, click here

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