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Area 4: Scientific Tools For Responding To Sustainability Challenges 



In this area, students learn how to use scientific tools in order to prevent, detect, respond and adapt to pressing sustainability issues, such as the loss of biodiversity, climate change impacts, soil and water contamination, and threats to populations.


SUSC PS5040 Sustainability in the Face of Natural Disasters

SUSC PS5120 The Technology of Renewable Energy 

SUSC PS5130 Improving Health Through Environmental Measurements in Water and Soil

SUSC PS5135 Air Pollution and Measuring the Environmental Burden of Disease

SUSC PS5250 Fundamentals of Economic and Financial Impacts of Climate Change

SUSC PS5330 Environmental Investigation and Remediation

SUSC PS5350 Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

For other approved courses in this area, please visit this page

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