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Area 1: Integrative Courses In Sustainability Science  

3 COURSES (9 Credits)

  • Required: SUSC PS5001 Fundamentals of Sustainability Science (3 credits)      

  • Required: SUMA PS5999 Capstone Workshop in Sustainability Science (3 credits)  

  • Approved Integrative Courses in Sustainability Science Elective Course (3 credits)

The courses in this area teach students the scientific underpinnings of the complex interactions between human beings and nature. The courses require that students integrate their knowledge of Earth observation, measurement, analysis, and modeling skills, as well as the use of scientific tools, to inform sustainability policy, management, and decision-making. 


SUSC PS5001 Fundamentals of Sustainability Science

SUSC PS5999 Capstone Workshop in Sustainability Science


SUSC PS5010 Climate Science for Decision Makers: Modeling , Analysis, and Applications

SUSC PS5020 Predicting the Effects of Climate Change on Global Forests

SUSC PS5040 Sustainability in the Face of Natural Disasters

SUSC PS5120 The Technology of Renewable Energy 

SUSC PS5130 Improving Health Through Environmental Measurements in Water and Soil

SUSC PS5270 Managing Diverging Stakeholder Interests in Response to Climate Change

SUSC PS5330 Environmental Investigation and Remediation

SUSC PS5350 Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

SUSC PS5995 Internship in Industry

For other approved courses in this area, please visit this page

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